Home to tribals of the Khamyang community, also known as the Shyam tribal group, the Buddhist villages of Balijan Shyamgaon, Betbari Shyamgaon and Na Shyamgaon are a delight for tourists who wish to experience Assam's culture and ethnicity in its rawest form. The members of the 100 odd families that live here are said to be the descendents of people who had moved to Assam from Thailand in the 13th century. A visit to the villages will give you an insight into the lives of the Khamyang people. Nestled 30 km from Jorhat, the three villages have been inviting a number of Buddhist scholars from countries like Myanmar, Japan and Thailand for research purposes. These villages are home to many monasteries or viharas, where monks teach Tai and Pali scriptures to students. Tourists also visit the Balijan shrine, which is an important pilgrimage for Buddhists.

Other Attractions in Jorhat