A morchang is also called a Jew's Harp. It is a Rajasthani folk music instrument, which when played right, hits the right chords with the heart and a musical soul. Largely a percussion instrument, morchang features mainly in Rajasthani folk songs, or lok geet.

A kind of plucked idiophone, it is primarily made up of a horseshoe-shaped ring, with two parallel knives extending from it. A metal tongue sits in the middle of the main frame, attached to the ring on one end, but free on the other; the tongue is also bent at the end, in a plane perpendicular to the metal ring. When struck, the tongue vibrates, producing the sound that the morchang is so famous for.

Usually played along with other musical instruments like the mrindangam or dhol, the basic pitch of the instrument can only be reduced, not increased. While traditionally only iron was used in its creation, the instrument is available today in variants of brass, wood, and even plastic.

While the origin of the morchang can be traced back to more than 1,500 years ago, its exact history is unknown and not very well documented. However, such is its appeal that it has made an appearance in Bollywood time and again, preferred by music directors of such repute as RD Burman and SD Burman.

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