Kamaicha is an ancient instrument that is popularly used in Rajasthan, and is described as the heart and soul of Rajasthani folk music. Kamaicha plays a crucial role in the vibrant music of the Manganiyar community and can be heard/found more in the Jaisalmer-Barmer region.

In the days of old, this community would play music for the royals of Jodhpur, and some of them still make a living off this instrument, performing for tourists while imparting knowledge about the history of the state, and regaling visitors with exciting folk tales.

A single piece of matured mango wood is used to carve out the base of the instrument, which is then refined and smoothened by a craftsmen with the help of specialised tools. The simplest kamaicha has a dozen strings; in contrast, the more complex kamaicha has up to 17 strings. Every part plays a role in producing the sweet melodies of the Kamaicha however, the most important piece of the instrument is the resonator, responsible for creating its unique sound.

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