Far from royal palaces and vibrant markets of the main city, the village of Bishnoi offers glimpses of the rural life of Rajasthan in an expanse of dry desert and swaying trees. One can explore the scenic beauty and mingle with the tribes of this area by booking a jeep safari. The safari tour was founded by Jodhpurs rajas and maharajas to offer a peek into the culture of this Marwa state to Indian and foreign guests.


Bishnoi tribes of the village are staunch worshippers of nature in all its forms, especially the sanctity of plant and animal life. They even pray to the green trees and animals that inhabit their land, and are strict vegetarians. Apart from giving an insight into the lives of the tribal communities, the safari includes an expedition to Guda Bishnoi Lake, where one can find various species of exotic migratory birds and endangered species of animals, like blackbucks and chinkaras, for whom the lake is the primary water hole.


During the safari, you can also interact with families of weavers, potters and shepherds who have been in the trade for generations. They can give you an insight into the history and social-cultural landscape of Rajasthan.

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