The ancient town of Mahoba was once the capital of the Chandelas, who left a remarkable legacy in the form of architectural heritage. Some of the more prominent ones are the Mahoba hilltop fort and the lakes they set up. There are three lakes that are particularly known and were built by Chandela rulers:  Rahila Sagar built by Rahila (885-905 AD), Madan Sagar built by Madan Verma (1128 - 1165 AD) and Kirat Sagar built by Kirtivarman (1060 - 1100 AD). While visiting the Madan Sagar, one can also pay a visit to Kakramath, which is a popular granite Shiva temple. It has been built in the Khajuraho style of architecture. Two famous tanks from the Chandela period, Ram Kund and Suraj Kund, are highlights of Mahoba. These are lined with granite slabs in a pyramid shape. Another interesting aspect of the town is its excellent varieties of paan (betel leaf) that are a must-try while visiting here.

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