An ideal spot for boating and adventure sports, Mansar Lake invites tourists from all over the country. It is a beautiful site fringed by dense forests, low-lying hills, small parks and temples. Both a picnic and a pilgrimage spot, it is situated about 62 km from Jammu and is over a mile in length and half a mile in width. In close proximity to the lake, lie two temples of Umapati Mahadev and Narasimha each, along with a temple of Goddess Durga, which is visited by devotees regularly. Many newlyweds believe that performing circumambulations (parikarma) around the lake is auspicious. The lake is also teeming with flora and fauna and one can spot various fish, tortoise and seasonal birds here. Moreover, one can find around 207 species of algae, 15 species of waterfowl in its depth. The Food and Crafts Festival is a major attraction here. Certain communities also perform the 'mundan' ceremony (first haircut) of their male children here.

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