Nestled on the banks of the pristine Tapi river, the winter capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu, is dotted with hundreds of temples. From the popular Hindu pilgrimage of Vaishno Devi, which is located nearby, to scores of religious structures set in picturesque surroundings, Jammu is the ideal city to set on a temple trail and soak in spiritual vibes.

The city was the power centre of the Dogra dynasty (1846-1947) before India's independence. Legend has it that Jammu was founded by king Jamboo Lochan, the brother of Bahu, a powerful local ruler, who ruled during the 9th century. It is said, once, while hunting, Jamboo Lochan spotted a tiger and a goat drinking water from the same pond. His ministers explained that this meant the soil of the place was so virtuous that all living creatures could exist in peace. Inspired by this thought, the king decided to build his capital there. Thus Jambupura, a city that could accommodate each and everyone, be it the strong or the weak, was built. Through the middle ages, Jammu prospered, bounties pouring in from its surrounding fertile lands and as the major stopover for caravans on the trade routes to Kashmir, Asia Minor and beyond.

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