About 28 km from Jammu, at the foothills of the Great Himalayas, lies the beautiful town of Akhnoor, situated on the banks of the Chenab river. The town has artefacts that date back to the Indus valley civilisation. The centre of attraction of this town is the Gurudwara on the banks of Chenab. There is also a Parshuram temple nearby along with a spectacular park on the banks of Chenab, which shines like a pearl during the later parts of the evening and seems like a wonderland during the night hours. The annual celebration of the Parshuram Jayanti take place in May and are a must-see if you are visiting around that time. There is also a shivling here that is believed to have been founded by the Pandavas along with the impressions of Lord Krishna in the Pandav Gufa. Near Akhnoor is a site called Ambara with a monastery that dates back to somewhere between 1st century AD and 7th century AD. Apart from being a place of religious and historical importance, it serves as an ideal vacation spot as well.

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