A researcher's delight, the Akal Wood Fossil Park in Jaisalmer will take you back to the prehistoric era. A 21-hectare reserved area, the park has been classified as National Geological Monument of India and is located about 17 km from Jaisalmer. The area used to be a forest about 180 million years ago. Over a period of time, the entire region was submerged under the sea and the tree trunks on display here today, are the fossil remnants of that era. The wood fossil park houses several logs that date back to the period and have been protected from the elements under a tin roof. About 25 numb trees, along with centuries-old fossils are housed at the park and tell the tale of centuries gone by. Right at the entrance, you can also stroke the fossil of an ancient red-wood tree trunk, which has been placed to let visitors get a preview of the staggering amount of history documented in the park. Standing in the middle of the desert, which once used to be a lush forest that was later submerged, one can marvel at the long and eventful history of this planet.

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