Ghoomar, a colourful dance performance, is a visual treat. Performed mostly by women in swishing long skirts and colourful dupattas, the dance has a hypnotic rhythm that keeps picking up pace as the crescendo approaches. Ghoomar, a traditional Bhil tribe folk dance is not just an act of singing and dancing, but is a symbol of womanhood, a rite of passage in which young girls participate to declare that they are now stepping into the shoes of a woman. Marwar, also known as Marwar-Jodhpur region, is popular for ghoomar, wherein Rajasthan communities perform the dance on occasions such as the first rainfall, Diwali, Holi and as a rite of passage. It features men singing and dancing together while using graceful gestures such as beating palms, snapping fingers and twirls. It is perhaps mostly popular for its folk attire- an ensemble of a choli (a blouse), a ghagra or chaniya (swirling skirts of full or knee length) and translucent veils that cover the face.

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