Rolling hills of honey-hued sand dunes, vast barren expanses, contrasting colours and mesmerising historical treasures, make up the stark beauty of the enchanting city of Jaisalmer, in Rajasthan. The city holds the still-inhabited Jaisalmer Fort at its heart, which seems to rise out of the desert like a mirage and looks ablaze as the golden rays of the sun bathe it.

Encircled by 99 bastions, this fairytale-like-fort enthrals you with its grandeur. This far-flung city of Rajasthan invites tourists from across the globe with its intricately carved temples, narrow streets and almost perfectly concealed delights, which can be explored through camel rides amidst the mystic desert. Jaisalmer has a history dating back to the prehistoric period, which is preserved in the Akal Wood Fossil Park. A must-visit is the Tanot Mata Temple, which lies close to the India-Pakistan border and became famous during the 1965 war, when the bombs that fell near it did not diffuse. It has also been featured in the movie 'Border',Legend has it that Rawal Jaisal, the eldest heir of the Rawal of Deoraj, was passed over the throne of Lodurva and his younger half-brother was crowned king. In a quest to redeem himself, he went looking for a new capital when he came across a sage who told him an ancient prophecy. This led to Rawal Jaisal constructing a mud fort in the area in 1156 and naming it Jaisalmer after himself. Jaisalmer literally translates to hill fort of Jaisal. Its location on the ancient trade routes led to the fabled riches and indulgent style of architecture. Jaisalmer is also known for its wood carvings, local artistry and fabulously rich cultural heritage of performing arts.

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