The pristine, breathtaking, expanse of the unbroken sand dunes of Sam makes it a great desert safari spot. One can enjoy desert safari by either riding a camel or by hiring a jeep. While camping in the desert, surrounded by the golden sands of the Thar desert, visitors can get an immersive insight into life in the desert. There is a lot to learn while travelling through the remote areas of Jaisalmer and absorbing the rich culture of the region with its folk dance performances, puppet shows and other open-air cultural extravaganzas.


Located on the outskirts of Jaisalmer, the quaint village of Khuri is surrounded by pristine sand dunes. A camel ride in Khuri will take you across undulating sand dunes at a leisurely pace that will let you experience the bare yet beautiful landscape of the Thar desert. The relatively unexplored sand dunes hold a great appeal for tourists who are looking for an escape from the bustling tourist circuit. As the golden rays of the sun and the unique wind patterns dance in unison at sunset and sunrise to create a light and shadow play of epic proportions, one feels the pull of the simple and uncomplicated life of the region. The nearby village has a smattering of mud huts and a local bazaar where visitors can absorb the traditional Rajasthani way of life. The many resort operators offer a night's stay in beautifully prepared luxury-tents, complete with breathtaking performances by local artists. Due to its distant location, Khuri enjoys seclusion and makes the best use of the undisturbed environs with the occasional campfire night, that allows guests to unwind with home-cooked meals that are traditionally prepared for a complete desert experience.

Other Attractions in Jaisalmer