Gulbarga Fort is among the major attractions of the city and attracts tourists who come to marvel at its architectural heritage. Boasting 15 towers and 26 guns, the fort is a huge complex that includes vast courtyards, grand buildings, intricately carved temples, beautiful mosques, stately carriages, splendid stables and former ammunition dumps. The mosque, called Jumma Masjid, is a particular attraction and has been built after the model of the Great Mosque of Cordoba, in Spain. Spread over an area of 38,000 sq ft, it is the oldest mosque of its kind in Karnataka. The fort was originally built by king Gulchand of Warangal Kakatiyas in the 12th century and was fortified in the 14th century by Al-ud-din Bahamani of the Bahmani dynasty. With a circumference of 3 km, the monument is one of the earliest instances of the confluence of Indian and Persian architectural styles that used granite and lime mortar.

Other Attractions In Gulbarga