Lord Rama is believed to have offered pinda-daan on this hill, thus the name Ramshila Hill came into being. Around the hill, one can notice a number of stone sculptures that belong to the ancient times. These clearly suggest that once a temple existed here. Today, atop the hill stands the Patalesvara or Ramesvara Temple. Built originally in 1014 AD, the temple seems to have undergone restoration on numerous occasions. Pinda-daan is offered by Hindu devotees for their ancestors during pitrapaksh at a pavilion in front of the temple. This pavilion was built by Kolkata-based Krishna Basu in 1811 AD.

The temple houses idols of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshmana. Devotees can also pay their respects at the Shiva temple on the hill. Claimed to be around 300 years old, the temple has a foot-tall shivling made from rock crystal stone (sphatik) and a five-ft-high idol of Lord Ganesha, made of impure coral. This sphatik shivling can only be found at two other locations, Rameswaram’s Setu Bandh and Jammu’s Raghunath Temple.

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