The gushing Falgu river has been closely associated with many myths and legends. The water in the river flows only during the monsoon months and is said to be running under the riverbed due to the curse of Goddess Sita. One of the most revered rivers by Hindus, Falgu river, according to ancient texts, was known as River Niranjana. Legend has it that during exile, Lord Rama and his wife, Goddess Sita decided to rest for a while on the banks of River Falgu. As it was the period when pinda-daan (offerings made to ancestors for them to have peace) was to be done, Lord Rama went to arrange for necessary provisions even as Goddess Sita waited on the banks of the river. During his absence, his ancestors appeared and asked for the offerings without delay. As she did not have anything, she offered them the sand from the riverbank to enable them to achieve salvation. As Goddess Sita feared that Lord Rama would not believe her, she made a cow, the sacrificial fire, River Falgu, a brahman and a tree witnesses. But when Lord Rama returned and questioned them all, they all refused. All the witnesses except the tree said that she was lying as they hoped Lord Rama will make another round of offerings. An angry Goddess Sita cursed them all including River Falgu, which was condemned to run below the earth’s surface to hide her head in shame for lying.

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