Nestled in the high and majestic Garhwal Himalayas, Gangotri, in Uttarakhand, is one of the char dhams, which are considered an important pilgrimage for Hindus. It is the highest temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga. The holy River Ganges originates from the Gangotri glacier, located here, and is called Bhagirathi. The main attraction in Gangotri is the Gangotri Temple, where Goddess Ganga is worshipped. A 20-ft-high structure, the exquisite temple is made with white granite. Gangotri exudes a surreal and pious aura that attracts devotees and tourists alike. Moreover, the beautiful snow-clad mountains in the vicinity and crystal-clear waters of the Ganges add to the serenity of the place.

Apart from visiting the temples, tourists can also visit the Bhagirathi shila, which is a piece of stone where mythological king Bhagirath is believed to have meditated to seek penance for his ancestors' sins. Head to the beautiful Gaurikund and Surya Kund near the Gangotri Temple as you explore more.

Gangotri offers trekkers and mountaineers amazing opportunities to climb the majestic Garhwal Himalayas. The most popular trek is the Gangotri-Gaumukh trek, which extends to Tapovan and Nandavan.

A short trek takes you to an ancient cave popularly known as the Pandava Gufa, where the Pandavas from the Hindu epic Mahabharata are believed to have meditated. Taking a trek to Dayara Bugyal, a charming meadow nestled at an elevation of around 3,000 m above sea level, is another great option. The meadow offers great views of the mighty Himalayas.