Lying at the confluence of Jat Ganga and Bhagirathi rivers, the scenic Bhairon Ghati is home to the famous Bhairon Nath Temple. While this temple draws thousands of devotees every year for its spiritual significance, its picturesque surroundings are also inviting. Surrounded by lush forests and skirted by the Chenab and Tawi rivers, the valley, lies at the spot where the low hills of the Shivalik range merge with the plains.

It is believed that when Ganga was on her way to Gangotri after passing through Lord Shiva's matted hair, she disturbed a sage, called Jahnu, who was performing penance. The angry Jahnu captured the water flow within his thighs and it is only when Bhagiratha, a great king who brought the river from heavens, pleaded to the sage that he allowed Ganga to leave through his ears. Legend has it that Lord Shiva had appointed Bhairon to safeguard the place after which it came to be known as the Bhairon Ghati and one can still find the Bhairon Temple welcoming devotees with its spiritual charm.

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