Located about 120 km from Diu in Gujarat's Kathiawar peninsula, Amreli is a bustling town famed for its ancient temples, rich cultural and architectural heritage. The most popular attraction in Amreli is the much revered Nagnath Temple, which dates back to the 17th century. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is one of the most historically significant sites of Amreli. The inscriptions on the walls of the temple speak volumes about the history of the region and also suggest that it was once known as Amarpalli. The temple is visited by scores of devotees during festivals like Naag Panchami and Shivaratri.

Amreli is also home to Gujarat's biggest dam, the Khodiyar Dam that has been built across the Shetrunji river. It is a must-visit destination that draws visitors for the spectacular views of gushing waters. The best time to visit the Khodiyar Dam is during the monsoon season. There's also a famous temple near the dam that is visited by devotees throughout the year. Dedicated to Goddess Khodiyar Ma, the Khodiyar Temple lies in Dhari Town, 5 km from Amreli. The Bhurikhiya Hanuman Temple, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, is another famous temple in Amreli. Tourists can also head to the famous Trimbaknath and Kamnath temples. The Kamnath Mahadev Temple has a pond named Dudhiyu Talav and a stepped octagonal bathing pool known as Mahadev-no-kund. Amreli is also home to the Pania Wildlife Sanctuary, which is spread over an area of 39.63 sq km. Famously known as Chanchai-Pania, the sanctuary is a part of the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and serves as a home for the Indian gazelle or chinkara. Tourists can also spot lions and leopards, which often wander here from Gir.

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