Located about 170 km from Diu, Palitana is famed for a large cluster of Jain temples. On your way to the Shatrunjaya Hill top from the base, you will come across as many as 836 beautiful temples. Reaching the top is not an easy task as it requires tourists to climb almost 4,000 steps over a 3.5 km long uphill climb. The site holds immense significance for the Jain community as it was here that the first Jain tirthankara (saint), Adinath, achieved enlightenment, making the Shatrunjay Hill a holy site for Jains. The temples have been built in the 11th, 12 th centuries and 16th centuries. Interestingly, unlike other temples in the country, these were not built under the patronage of any dynasty or kings but are a result of the efforts of the wealthy businessmen who followed Jainism.

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