Situated at a distance of about 110 km from Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri can make one's jaw drop at first sight. The lush green forest cover, and large tea farms, along with gushing rivers through narrow ridges, coupled with the grand Himalayas in the background make it a paradise. The place is indeed a goldmine for tourists.

Jalpaiguri has national parks that are rich in flora and fauna, coupled with some biodiversity reserves at Buxa, where one can spot one of the rarest birds of India, the blue necked crane. The Rupang Valley is quite popular with trekkers, hosting some of the most thrilling and challenging treks. Additionally, there are old temples at Jaleshwar and Jatlieshwar and a prisoner cell at Buxa Fort, where people were imprisoned in the pre-independence era.

Most famous for its tea plantations, Jalpaiguri is home to some of the largest tea estates in the state of West Bengal, cultivating fresh, fragrant tea leaves for commercial consumption.

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