This religious attraction is testament to the diversity of the Deccan region of Bidar. Gurudwara Bidar is one of the holiest places for the Sikh community and consequently attracts a large number of believers, especially during the months of November and March. According to local legend, the land was under the grip of an excruciating famine when Guru Nanak visited it and miraculously made water spring forth from a laterite rock mountain. The thirst of the people was alleviated and this gave rise to the belief that the water that burst forth at the command of the Guru is capable of healing many ailments. The serenity of the Gurudwara Nanak Jhira is amplified by its natural surroundings that include a sarovar (lake) and an Amrut Kunda (sweet water pond). A langar (community kitchen) serves hot and nutritious food to all who come to the gurudwara and there are clean rooms for pilgrims who flock to the gurudwara from all corners of the country.

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