Also known as Kateshwar Budhist Caves, Siyot Caves are situated in Siyot village of Lakpat Taluka of Kutch district of Gujarat. Dating back to the 1st century AD, these caves are five cut-rock structures. The cave system is believed to be one of the 80 monastic sites that 7th century Chinese travellers reported about. Siyot Caves consist of an east facing sanctum and an ambulatory that give a Buddhist connect to them. These caves exhibit beautiful inscriptions and architecture of the ancient time. An excavation of the cave in 1988-89 revealed clay seals engraved with Buddha images in various mudras (postures), along with engravings in late Brahmi and Devnagari inscriptions. Some of the other findings of the excavation include, copper rings, Gadhaiya coins, terracotta Nandi (bull god) with bell and chain, earthenware, including surahi (a long-necked pot).

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