The Kutch region is famed for its diverse handicrafts and handlooms. Bhuj is a good place to shop because most of the stores are located here. Bandhini style tie-and-dye fabric can be purchased at stores lining the markets. Woven Mashru-printed cloth, cotton garments and other indigenous textiles can be bought as well. Many stores also create traditional as well as modern interpretations of Batik (wax-resist dyeing) prints. A 15-minute drive from Bhuj takes one to Ajrakhpur, which is the home of Ajrakh artisans. Stoles, sarees, skirts, jackets, and kurtas with Ajrakh prints can be purchased here. Visitors can also buy textiles, lacquer, brass and leather work, and home dcor items. About 50 km east of Bhuj lies Dhamadka, which is also known for the Ajrakh block-printing technique. One can head here to buy more delightful products.

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