Situated on Kutch's southern coast, almost 53 km from Bhuj, Mundra is a hub for tie-and-dye fabric and block print cloth. The Mundra Port is a popular attraction here as earlier the town used to be a centre for the trade of spices and salt. Mundra is also home to the Mahadev Temple, which bears memorials to celebrated sailors of the region. It is said that some of these sailors advised the sultan of Zanzibar and even guided the famed explorer Vasco da Gama to India. Tourists can also pay a visit to the shrine of Darya Pir, who is the patron saint of Kutchi fishermen. It is believed that the saint came to Mundra from Bukhara in 1660, and was much-loved by the locals, who still come at his shrine to seek blessings. The Mughal Gate, which stands tall to this day, was also constructed in his honour.

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