A spot of brilliant blue, the Hamirsar Lake is a great spot to unwind with a swim or a picnic. Walks by the lake aren't just soothing to the soul, they also offer a picturesque route to get to the many interesting sites located on its shores. Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum, Swaminarayan Temple and Alfred High School are all located on the eastern side of the lake. This entire walk-through takes about a half hour.

The lake is situated in the heart of a 450-year-old rainwater management system, which has been sustaining the city of Bhuj for centuries. According to legends, when Bhuj became the capital of Jadeja Kingdom in 1549CE, Rao Khengarji I decided to build a pond at this site. The pond is named after his father Rao Hamir and was expanded over an area of 28 acre. A network of canals and channels was built here to divert fresh water to Hamirsar Lake. To conserve the overflowing water, a network of 43 reservoirs was also constructed. The city was supplied drinking water from the large wells connected to the lake.

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