A 500-year-old village in Kutch, Bhujodi is the hub of art and craft. Located about 8 km from Bhuj, one can actually see a variety of art forms being practiced here. From block printers and weavers to tie-dye artists, over 2,000 workers are engaged in creating beautiful handicrafts. Lying a stone's throw away is the Ashapura Crafts Park that was set up to give artisans a platform to display and sell their works. Shrujan,a non-profit, helps women sell their crafts. Embroidery exhibits, a production centre and local architecture can be admired here.

The weavers of Bhujodi are believed to be Vankars or Mughal migrants who came 500 years ago from Rajasthan. They were initially engaged in weaving woollen blankets and veil cloths for the Rabari community.

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