Situated around 80 km from Bhuj, the village of Dhordo is known for its rich culture and banni hospitality. Handicrafts are an important part of the life of people here as the village is home to the Mutwa community from Sindh, which specialises in thread and needlework. This style of embroidery is called Mutwa embroidery, and includes a chain of stitches inset with mirrors, silver jewellery and leather embroidery. Tourists can buy beautiful articles and items featuring Mutwa embroidery.


On visiting Dhordo, make sure to learn about the exquisite mud craft from Miyabhai Hussain Mutwa and Mehmoodbhai Elias Mutwa, noted artisans of the region. The mud craft is usually found along the walls of the huts (bhungas). The White Desert is almost 1 km from Dhordo village.

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