The city of Lakhpat enjoys clear desert air and star-studded night skies, along with unmissable views of sunrises and sunsets. Located about 135 km from Bhuj, Lakhpat lies in the north-western part of Kutch. The region holds immense importance for many religions. Guru Nanak reportedly stayed here on his journey to Mecca. The site where he camped is now a gurudwara, which is revered by Sikhs. Another spiritual site is the tomb of sufi mystic Pir Ghaus Muhammed. His tomb doesn't only have intricate carvings but is also home to a water tank whose waters are said to have healing properties. A nine-domed mausoleum located in Lakhpat is dedicated to Sayyed Pir Shah, a sufi saint. The best time to visit the city is near the new moon date.

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