The Mata Murti Temple is a Hindu shrine located 3 km from Badrinath. Situated on the right bank of River Alaknanda, the temple is dedicated to Mata Murti, the mother of two sons, Nar and Narayan. According to Hindu mythology, Mata Murti is believed to have prayed to Lord Vishnu asking him to take birth from her womb. Granting her wish, Lord Vishnu was born as twins Nar and Narayan, with an aim to kill a demon. It is also popularly believed that Mata Murti has the power to grant vairagya (renunciation from pleasure and pain) to people who meditate here sincerely. The temple is flocked by devotees on the days of Shukla Tritiya, Ashtami and Chaturdashi, when it sees a huge celebration.

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