The ancient city of Sravasti is a major pilgrimage centre for Buddhists and draws a large number of devotees from India and foreign countries like Thailand, Japan, China and Sri Lanka. Sprawled along the banks of River Rapti, the city once served as the capital of the Kosala kingdom, ruled by king Pasenadi, a disciple of Lord Buddha. The most popular tourist attraction in this ancient city is Miracle Stupa, where Lord Buddha is said to have spent his time after attaining enlightenment. His sermons and teachings made Sravasti an important centre for Buddhist learnings. A stupa was raised at the spot to commemorate Lord Buddha's teachings. The ruins of the stupa lie right next to the newly erected stupa constructed in 2004. Other must-visit tourist sites include the Anathapindika's Stupa, Angulimala's Stupa and the ancient Jain tirthankara temple. The remains of the Angulimala Stupa are known as Pakki Kuti. It is one of the largest mounds found in Mahet area of Sravasti. The terraced stupa is built on a rectangular plain and is said to have been built by king Prasenjit in Lord Buddha's honour. Tourists can also visit the nearby Kachhi Kuti, the ruins of the Anathapindika Stupa. One of the most significant excavations of Sravasti, the site is dotted with the structural remains belonging to different periods between the 2nd century and the 12th century. Sravasti lies at a distance of 107 km from Ayodhya and makes for a great exploration.

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