An important Buddhist pilgrim centre, Kapilavastu is said to have been ruled by Lord Buddha's father, Shuddhodan. At the age of 29, Prince Gautama, as Lord Buddha was known then, left the palace only to return 12 years later, after he attained enlightenment. The best time to visit the place is during the month of December when the grand Kapilavastu Buddha Mahotsav is organised here from 29th of the month to the 31st. The most popular attraction is the archaeological site of the main stupa that was discovered during excavations carried out in the 70s. The excavations also revealed some seals and other historically important material. It is said that the stupa was renovated by Kushana ruler, Kanishka, a great patron of Buddhism. Tourists can also visit the ruins of king Shuddhodans palace, which were discovered during excavations. Kapilavastu is located at a distance of 210 km from Ayodhya and makes for a great exploration.

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