It is said that such is the pristine beauty of the oval-shaped Palak Dil Lake that it resembles a gem embedded in the ground. The largest natural lake in the state of Mizoram, it is about 800 m long, 700 m wide and 30 m deep. Also known as Pala Tipo (swallowing lake), Palak Dil is fed by waters from two mountain rivers, and is surrounded by an emerald landscape. Home to a large number of birds, the lake is believed to be a stopover for the migrating pintail duck during the winter months. Some of the unique species of birds found in the lake area include the yellow wagtail, the white-bellied yuhina and the Nepal fulvetta.

The water of the lake is home to several species of prawns, snails, crabs and turtles. About 390 km south of Aizawl, the lake lies near Phura Village. Legend has it that a huge serpent once lived under a rock that covered the entire area of the lake. Since children and livestock would often go missing near the area, the villagers investigated and to their horror, found a serpent coiled under the rock. With difficulty, they managed to kill it, but it was so huge that it fell back in the lake and the water that splashed out submerged the entire village. Thus, the lake is locally called the swallowing lake.

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