Mizoram is the perfect destination for adventure lovers as it boasts exciting trekking routes, set amidst lush green valleys. Trekking through picturesque valleys not only leaves one truly rejuvenated but also gives an opportunity to interact with the Mizo people and learn about their unique culture. Mizoram boasts around 21 stunning mountain peaks with the Blue Mountain being the most famous among trekkers and mountaineers.

The cliffs of Phawngpui, Thalazaung Khamm, Mount Mawma and Mount Kahrie are also quite popular. The best season to indulge in mountaineering and other adventure activities in Mizoram is during the months of September and October. Tourists need to take special permits from the Indian Mountaineering Federation if they wish to climb peaks higher than 6,000 m.

Other Attractions in aizawl