The members of Hmar tribe,, especially women, are great weavers who work on tiny heirlooms. The homespun yarn is dyed in different colours and woven into exquisite clothes that are generally made for the family. The Hmar tribe traces its origin to Sinlung, whose exact location is still unknown. Many poems, tales and songs about this place have been composed and handed down from generation to generation. The tribe is known for its rich culture and vibrant folk dances. Its conventional folk dances and songs feature battles, adventures and history. A type of drum, khuong, is used to complement the dance beats. Other musical instruments that are used include darmang (flat brass gong), perkhuong (guitar made of bamboo), hna mut (leaf instrument) and theilia (bamboo flute). The clothing that the dancers wear is also quite colourful. The men put on a special headgear made of feathers and wear a shawl called hmar puon. Meanwhile, the girls accessorise with ornaments like rings, bangles and seeded necklace.

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