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GudiPadwa, which falls on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, marks the beginning of the Maharashtrian New Year. Although it is celebrated in regional variations in different parts of the country, the most vibrant celebrations can be seen in Maharashtra. GudiPadwa is derived from two words - ‘gudi’, meaning flag or emblem of Lord Brahma, and ‘padwa’ meaning the first day of the phase of the moon. If Hindu mythology is believed, Lord Brahma had created the universe on the day of GudiPadwa. It is also said that on this day Brahma introduced days, weeks, months and years. 

On this day, Maharastrian homes are decorated with floral garlands and rangoli (colour patterns on the floor). People wear new clothes and make the gudi by tying a piece of fresh cloth around a bamboo stick and topped with neem leaves and garland made of sugar candy. A silver or bronze is placed upside down over the cloth and garland. This is placed in front of the house to usher in luck and good fortune.