Considered as the world's biggest cannon, Malik-I-Maidan or the ruler of the plain is one of the most visited tourist spots in Vijayapur. Perched atop Sherza Burj, the cannon was set up by Ibrahim Adil Shah II during the 16th century after the Adil Shahis defeated the Vijayanagara empire to win the battle of Talikota in 1565. Having an astonishing diameter of 1.5 m and weighing around 55 tonne, the cannon is the largest medieval weapon in the world. Its nozzle is designed in the shape of a lion with open jaws. Made from bell metal by Muhammed Bin Hussain Rumi, the cannon measuring 4.2 m (14 feet) long, sounds like a bell when it is tapped. It also has an inscription made by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, who is said to have captured it in 1686.

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