The town of Jamkhandi is known for the iconic Patwardhan Palace built by the rulers of the Patwardhan dynasty, which ruled the territory for decades on behalf of the Marathas. Another highlight of the town is the Melgiri Kemplingeshwara Temple perched on a hilltop where visitors come to witness amazing views of sunrises and sunsets. Jamkhandi region is also blessed with seven lakes, which served as the major source of water for the people of the city for many centuries. Jamkhandi is also known for hosting an annual cattle fair in the month of March.


Jamkhandi is a place of immense mythological importance and draws visitors with its royal palace and ancient temples. The town, once the capital of the former Maratha principality of Patwardhans, gets its name from the ancient Chalukyan temple dedicated to Jambukeswara. According to legend, it was here that the bird Jatayu had intimated Lord Rama about Goddess Sita's abduction by demon Ravana. Another legend has it that Maharshi Jamadagni, Renuka Devi's husband had stayed and meditated in the caves of Jamakhandi.

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