Home to a number of ancient temples built in sandstone, this small town near Hampi is noted for its rich architectural heritage. Also known as Jaina Kashi, Koppal is considered to be a sacred place for Jains and has two Ashokan inscriptions located at Gavimatha and Palkigundu. Some of the town's best temples include Mahadeva Temple, Amrutheshwara Temple, Kasivisvesvara Temple and the Dodda Bapassa Temple. The most striking of them all is the Mahadeva Temple, which is known for its fine chiseling work. Built by the general of the western Chalukya king, Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI, named Mahadeva, the temple has a 68-pillared hall and four large columns adorned with exquisite carvings. Apart from its imposing temples, the town is also known for Koppal Fort, one of the strongest in the country. It is believed that the fort was acquired by Tipu Sultan in 1786 who rebuilt it with the help of French engineers. Often known as Kopana Nagara, Koppal is around 190 km from Vijayapura and makes for a great one-day visit.

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