Lakkundi is a treasure trove of history and draws visitors with its heritage temples and ancient step wells. The rule of later Chalukyas, Kalaharis and Hoysalas witnessed the construction of a number of temples at Lakkundi. Around 50 temples, 29 inscriptions and 101 step wells were constructed here during the period. The most striking of all is the magnificent Kasivishveshwara Temple, which has two sanctums, one housing a shivling and the other a Surya statue. Another notable monument is Brahma Jinalaya, which is noted for a remarkable four-faced sculpture of Lord Brahma. Head to Manikesvara Temple to witness one of the best stepwells of Lakkundi. The Jaina Temple Complex houses over 250 epigraphs, statues and carved architectural figures and makes for a fascinating visit. Located at a distance of 12 km from Gadag on the Hubli-Hospet Highway, Lakkundi is a must-visit site in Vijayapura.

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