Located on the outskirts of Vijayapura, the quaint village of Kumatagi is home to an ancient summer resort built by Mohammad Adil Shah between 1627 and 1656 CE. The resort stands as a testament to the sophisticated water system that existed during the reign of Adil Shahi empire. The resort is noted for a beautiful lake, a palace and royal bath houses that are surrounded by lush green lawns. As you enter the resort complex, a stone wall adorning five arches can be seen. This wall is a part of the bath house building that is fitted with showers and bathtubs. The interior of the bath house complex is tastefully decorated with mortar murals and colourful paintings. Then, there's an elegant palace surrounded by stepped channels. The palace walls are adorned by imposing sculptures of humans and animals. Tourists can also see different pipelines running throughout the resort complex. They bring in water from the main source lake situated a few hundred metres away. Visiting Kumatagi is a truly fascinating experience as one walks through the pages of history and gets an insight into the rich architecture and efficient water system that existed in the past.

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