Located on the outskirts of Varkala, Anjengo Fort was built in the 17th and 18th centuries by the British East India Company when it chose Anjengo to make its first trade settlement in the state of Kerala. The fort has a rich history and as you walk around its walls, picturesque views can be availed. The word 'Anjuthengu' means five coconut palms and legend has it that a small area of five coconut trees was given to the British on rent by the Queen of Attingal and that is how the fort got its name. Interestingly, the fort is the first signal station for coming ships. The fort has a cemetery that is amongst the oldest in the state and dates back to 1704. The fort is now under the care of National Heritage Monuments. Tourists can also head to the pristine beach nearby and enjoy a day soaking in the serenity of nature. A lighthouse in close proximity is also worth a visit. It is around 130 foot tall and offers a sweeping view of the entire area.

Other Attractions in Varkala