One of the biggest ghats that is also furthest south to the main ghats, Assi draws devotees in droves. This place is particularly important as it is here that River Ganga meets the Assi river. Visitors come here to worship a lingam of Lord Shiva, kept beneath a peepal tree. The evening arti (a holy fire ritual) held here is a spectacular sight when mantras are chanted, conches are blown and even the air feels heavy with a spiritual fervour. This ghat is also a starting point for boating rides and one can come here to enjoy early-morning yoga sessions and devotional music. 

Legend has it that Goddess Durga, after killing demons Shumbha-Nishumbha, threw her sword in a river (called Assi). That is why this ghat has been named so. While the evening arti invites visitors regularly, the ghat is especially crowded during the months of chaitya (March/ April) and magh (January/ February). Other significant events like lunar/solar eclipse, Makar Sakranti and Probodhoni Ekadashi also see swarming crowds.

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