Located on the outskirts of Vadodara is the historical site of Sikandar Shah’s Tomb. Sikander Shah was the ruler of Champaner and was assassinated in 1526 AD. He was later buried at Halol beside two of his brothers. The mausoleum where his tomb lies was built by Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. With simple fluted domes, the tomb is made in sandstone and is considered a masterpiece of architectural craftsmanship. The single-storeyed mausoleum has seven domes - two central and five smaller. It has been built on an elevated plinth in the Ahmedabad style of architecture. The interior is adorned with intricate floral patterns and geometric designs, especially on the pillars. The small, fluted capolas (a rounded dome) still stand here even though the central domes have crumbled. A chamber at the mausoleum also houses the graves of Bahadur Shah’s two brothers - Nasir and Latif, who also died in the same year.

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