At a distance of 150 km from Ujjain lies the temple town of Maheshwar on the banks of River Narmada. It is believed to have been existing since the beginning of Indian civilisation and even finds mention in the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Back then, it was known as Mahishmati, the capital city of King Kartivarjun. It is a captivating town with colourful houses, bustling ghats and saffron-clad sadhus and pilgrims. It is reminiscent of the glory of ancient India. It is popularly believed that development was undertaken here during the rule of the Holkars, especially Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar between 1767 to 1795. In current times, this temple town has also been the shooting location for films like Ashoka and Tulsi. When here, visit the Ahilya Fort, the Maheshwar Palace, the Baneshwar Temple, Shiv Jyotirlingam Mandleshwar Temple and the ghats at dusk to attend the prayer and see the cenotaphs of Ahilya Bai and Vithoji Rao. Also pay a visit to the street markets to shop for the popular handwoven silk and cotton Maheshwari sarees.

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