Located a stone's throw from the city, Gadkalika Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kalika. Legend states that poet Kalidasa, though formally uneducated, was able to acquire unparalleled literary knowledge and skills because of blessings by this Goddess that he was utterly devoted to. Goddess Kalika is associated with universal energy. At the entrance of the temple, devotees are met by a sculpture of a lion that is facing towards the stone deity who is painted saffron with a crown of silver sitting prettily on the head. The building has a hollow, pyramid-shaped dome with layers carved into it. Devotees can also pay their respects to the idol of Lord Ganesha within the grounds. Though the origins of the temple remain unknown, it was once renovated by emperor Harshvardhan, ruler of the Vardhana dynasty (606-647 CE) in the 7th century AD and once again during the Paramara period (9th to 14th centuries). The current structure of the temple was given its shape by the erstwhile state of Gwalior.

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