One of the most prominent sites in the city, Durgadas Ki Chhatri is a monument built in the shape of a chhatri (umbrella). It follows the traditional Rajput style of architecture, with the base and pillars adorned with delicate carvings. With a lush green landscape surrounding it, the monument sometimes stands out like a jewel to the visitors.


The name of Vir Durgadas is etched in the history of Marwar for his selfless service to the state. He played a major role in keeping Jodhpur an independent state after the death of Jaswant Singh, the ruler of Jodhpur (1873-1895). Durgadas also assisted Ajit Singh, son of Jaswant Singh, to ascend to the throne despite Mughal emperor Aurangzeb being against the decision. In 1718, Durgadas died at Rampura and the rulers of Jodhpur built a chhatri in his memory.

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