The town of Tiruvarur is renowned as the birthplace of Saint Thyagaraja, the composer of Carnatic music and one of the members of the musical trinity. The main attraction is Thagyarajaswami Temple, one of the largest in South India. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is noted for inscriptions and sculptures that tell the story of King Manu Neethi Cholan, who ordered for his own son to be crushed under the wheels of a cart because he had killed a calf by driving his carriage negligently over it. Lord Shiva is said to have intervened at that point and saved the boy and revived the calf. The temple hosts a grand Chariot Festival in March-April every year. It is a larger than life celebration and a must-visit. Adjacent to the temple is the Kamalalayam Tank in a 25-acre area and since 1997 the State Tourism Department has been providing boating services there. Thiruveezhimalai, Thirupampuram, Tirumeichur, Srivanjiyam, Tillaivilagam and Thirukkannamangai are some other temples worth a visit.

Other Attractions in Thanjavur