Telangana's capital city Hyderabad is well-connected to other district headquarters and tourist destinations through key national and state highways. The extensive road network of Telangana offers a hassle-free experience for tourists. Hyderabad is a popular destination for tourists not just from around the country, but also from around the world. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, located at Shamshabad is adjudged as one of the best airports in the world. It connects Hyderabad, the heart of Telangana with various other national and international cities and capitals. The airport offers visa-on-arrival facility for citizens from more than 140 countries, a boon for overseas tourists.

  • Start : Hyderabad
  • End : Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Time : One day, 3 hours 2 minutes
2.9 kms, 10 minutes

Stop 2 : Medak Church

Road trip map

In the Medak town, is the famous Cathedral that was built with love and crafted to utmost perfection. According to the legend, this church was the baby of a famine that struck the district during First World War. Charles Walker was posted as the Reverend at Medak at that time. Walker who was moved by the predicament of the people because of the unprecedented famine which lasted for three years, proposed the construction of a great church at Medak district in the year 1914. This beautiful piece of excellence took ten continuous years to take shape. The church has massive dimensions and is very spacious. It can accommodate as many as 5000 people. The huge widows adorning the high walls of the church are done in a remarkable stained glass. They provide a spectacular view during daytime. No artificial light can re-create this magical scene. This is also the most fascinating feature that attracts scores of people to the church. For people who cannot read, the church serves as a picture book on the holy Bible. The window to the north of the church offers a canopy to the altar. This view is very fascinating. The scene reprises the assertion of Jesus towering above the altar, shrinking everything as Jesus ascends to heaven. The tiles of the historic church were imported from Italy and the roof has been cast to guarantee best acoustics. With its sheer size and beauty, this century-old Medak church stands out as one of the finest demonstrations of Gothic architecture in the country.

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15.6 kms, 34 minutes

Stop 3 : Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

Road trip map

Pocharam located around 20 kms away from Medak boasts of a reservoir and a small sanctuary. The reservoir serves as a storage point on the Allair River is a favorite picnic spot for travelers who thoroughly enjoy fishing. The dam was built between 1916-1922 over Allair, a tributary of the River Manjeera. The Nizam’s Bungalow, situated near the reservoir, was constructed in 1918. The island located in the center of the reservoir is home to various species of shrubs. Boats are available for reaching the island. Since the wildlife sanctuary also has a safari facility, the adventure tourism spots are also attracting huge number of tourists. The scenic beauty of the surroundings with lake, wildlife makes it an attractive destination for campers. The excess water flows over the dam gives an impression of waterfall amidst the lush green environment.

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Best time to visit:

Between October and February. The weather is pleasant and cool during this time of the year.

Where to dine:

Indulge in a hearty traditional South Indian breakfast of ghee (clarified butter)-roast dosa (crepes), steaming idlis (rice cake) and filter coffee at restaurants located at a walking distance from the Marina Beach. Break for lunch at one of the road-side eateries or swanky restaurants around the crocodile bank.

Travel Tips :

● It is advised to dress appropriately as there are many temples and religious sites along the way that you might want to visit. ● Try to follow the local culture of eating with your hand. The effort will be appreciated. ● Carry identification proof and passport-size photographs. ● Drink packaged drinking water and carry some munchies for hour-long distances.