Visiting the well-maintained Ratnadurg Fort is among the best Konkan experiences. Designed to give an impression of a horse shoe, this rugged fort is perched on a barren cliff and offers spectacular views of the Arabian Sea. Built in the 12th century during the Bahamani period, the fort is also known as the Bhagwati Fort, after the popular Bhagwati Devi Temple, which is located nearby.


Sprawling over an area of 120 acre, the fort is divided into three parts. For a truly enriching experience, take a walk along the ramparts of the fort and witness the endless sea lined with tiny villages and crowded fishermen hamlets. While three sides of the fort are encompassed by the sea, a lighthouse rests on its fourth side. Though visitors cannot enter the lighthouse without permission, a bastion beside it houses four cannons, two of which are almost 12 ft long and make for a grand sight. Don't miss some rare spots like the statue of Maratha naval chief Kanhoji Angre, an age-old wooden pole and a mirror that was gifted by a Burmese king during his exile.

Other Attractions In Ratnagiri