Visible from mainland Ramanathapuram in the Gulf of Mannar is Kurusadai Island, which has abundant marine wealth, making it immensely popular among marine scholars, marine biologists and nature lovers. To visit the island, tourists need permission from the Fisheries Department. Take a guided tour along the island and get ready to witness a wide variety of marine species. The island is home to as many as 3,600 marine species spread across an area of 10, 500 sq km. There are 117 coral species, 13 mangrove species, 460 molluscan species and 12 species of seagrasses. Tourists can spot red starfishes, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and other species of marine creatures dotting the entire shoreline of the island. However, the most popular sighting is of echinoderms, which are found in abundance. Kurusadai Island is also a delight for bird lovers as one can come across a variety of avifauna.

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